A collection of nature poems expressing the author's insights and existential experiences related to the magical intelligence of nature.

This is the story of a boy taken into another dimension, into another world, to help them solve a mysterious problem. The author dedicates this book to cosmic kids, to youngsters all over the world, inviting them to fly into skyland, into the real world of magic and wonder. For ages nine and up, up and away.

"Artist Max Redfire of Woods Hole has penned a book for children and for adults who refuse to give up their childhoods. A great novel to read aloud or enjoy alone."
Melanie Lauwers,
Cape Cod Times


"Jeremy West" is a magical tale about a young boy who enters another world."
Marilyn Rowland, www.notesonthearts.com


"The story that unfolds is truly magical, carrying readers young and young at heart to fatastical places. If you long to encourage your young reader to travel to a time where technology takes a backseat to imagination, or you'd like to connect with your own sense of wonder, join Jeremy as he falls into the sky."
Kathleen Szmit,
Barnstable Patriot

Garlic Toast is a spicy description of the Sicilian ""Always show respect"" but entering ""Eristic Avenue: Walking alone/ Without compliance/ Without fear/ Into Freedom/ Softly hidden- Starlit savoir-faire.

Poet, writer and artist Max Redfire of Woods Hole has a unique item on his resume: he performed in more than 200 dinner theater presentations as Don Vito, the Godfather in "The Wedding of Mario & Mary." That's the basis of the first, autobiographical portion of this new book. Part II features three dozen poems by Redfire, such as "Peekaboo!": "Separate yourself/From all that isn't,/Dreamworld,/The mindless illusion/Of a fixated reality,/And seek/To become/That which is,/Wakefulness,/Contextual consciousness,/Rhythmicity,/In the lush gardens/Of this cosmic moment /Sheternity."
Melanie Lauwers,
Cape Cod Times


"Top-flight poetry." Melanie Lauwers, "Wealth of Words,"
Cape Cod Times


"I keep the book next to my zabuton and when I sit to do TM each morning, I read a poem. Then I close my eyes and focus on the images. They become my window onto transcendental meditation."
David W., Jackson, CA.


"His poems are very strong in images," presented by Reference Librarian Jill Erickson on Mindy Todd's "The Point,"
Cape & Islands Public Radio


"The Zen Of Water" describes the power of water in terms of its yielding quality, showing us that, unlike ourselves, bound in the world's desires and expectations, water is without conscious effort and is endlessly free to flow, and thus teaches fulfillment by example, since it possesses no ego or sense of self." Esther M. Lieper, "Esther Comments, The Winners-- April 2002 Poetry Contest,"
Writers Journal


"His stringing of mystic images is the gem of his poems, connecting humans, Mother Nature and the universe as one multidimensional living organism." Joe Gouveia, "Finding The Kernals In Zen Popcorn."
Barnstable Patriot


"The poems are multidimensional and can be interpreted on several levels. They are evocative, and they are thought-provoking." Marilyn J. Rowland, "Zen Popcorn:Poetry and Art by Max Redfire,"
Falmouth Enterprise


"In a land called Woods Hole, deep within the island known as Cape Cod, there lives artist and poet, Max Redfire. We are delighted to present some of his fine work here, and we thank Max for sharing his magical words with us." Steve Dacri, "Abraca Dacri,"


"One book of poetry in particular to consider is Zen Popcorn by Max Redfire." Marty Tulloch, "Shopping in the Arts on Upper Cape," CapeNews.net


"Like his artwork, his poems have a fresh openness and honesty, a sense of looking at the world through new eyes every day." Debi Boucher Stetson, "Painterly Poet,"
Cape Codder


"The Zen Of Water" is the most beautiful poem I have ever read." 12 year-old boy, reading the author's poetry bookmarks,
Falmouth "Arts Alive" festival



Water does not resist,
Thus it is never harmed.

Its power is enormous
Because it is true to its nature.

Endlessly changing,
It always returns to itself.

It finds its essence
By forever letting go.

Lacking desires,
It is constantly enriched.

Knowing neither sorrow nor joy,
Its ecstacy is eternal.

Because it does not cling to itself,
It permeates all living things.

When all things die,
Water remains.

It teaches us fulfillment
By letting go of ego.

Max Redfire (First Prize, Writer's Journal," National Poetry Contest,"2002)

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